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***CONGRATULATIONS*** to Jeff Goric, TEMS Technology Education teacher, on the distinct honor of South Windsor Public Schools Teacher of the Year. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to the students (and faculty/staff/administration/central office) of South Windsor Schools!

SWEA Luncheon was a success with 343 members enjoying the several options provided by Chartwells.

From the President:

Convocation Speech 2020:

Hello everyone,

Normally I would stand before you in the high school auditorium to deliver these brief remarks but I don’t need to remind you these are not normal times.

Let me introduce myself to the 45 new members to SWEA, my name is John Hackett. I’ve been a South Windsor High School social studies teacher for 33 years and I proudly represent you as your SWEA President.

Welcome to a school district where every day deeply caring, committed and talented people are ready, willing and able to work at the goal of helping every child to succeed.

During these unprecedented times I am struck by the powerful sense of shared mission with everyone that would have been in the high school auditorium but are instead watching in your rooms and offices. All of us accept the responsibility to do our best to help educate students to achieve their fullest potential while also doing our absolute best to keep our students and colleagues safe from an unseen enemy – Covid 19.

I know we can succeed in achieving our goals of educating our students and keeping our schools safe. In times of hardship South Windsor pulls together in the true spirit of a community. This 10th anniversary of the Hartford Distributers shooting is an example of that spirit of community. Other examples of our spirit of community were shown in your response to the situation of our colleague Mark Laraia along with the situations faced by the families of Joe Connelly and Mike Bombara.

I know we can succeed in achieving our goals of educating our students and keeping our schools safe because of the positive, collegial relationship we have with administration. Since the closing of schools in March to today, SWEA has worked in a spirit of mutual respect and shared responsibility with central office and building administration to achieve these goals.

I know we can succeed in achieving our goals of educating our students and keeping schools safe as we celebrate the opening of the new Eli Terry and Phillip R Smith schools and so many of you become accustomed to your new buildings. Changes we are dealing with also produce new challenges. I’m sure many of you like me at times feel discouraged and powerless, but this does not have to be so.

You do have power today to vote for government representatives that represent your civic thoughts.

You do have power to participate through SWEA, CEA and NEA to fight for and influence public education at the local, state and national levels.

You do have the power to make the future better through your hard work and initiatives to insure your students are provided with the best education.

In closing I personally wish to thank the members of the Executive Board and all of our Building Representatives for the work you are doing to facilitate the education of our students and keeping schools safe. None of SWEA’s successes would be possible without your efforts.

I am honored to serve as your President knowing how much you are committed to educating your students and keeping our schools safe.

Take care,


Returning to school: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS


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