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Congratulations Retirees 2021

SWEA would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the retirement class of 2021. Headlining the retirement group this year is 16 year SWEA president, John Hackett (SWHS). Thank you John for your dedication to SWEA and the South Windsor community. Additional congratulations and best wishes in retirement go to: Eileen Crawford (PRS), Cathy Nystrom (OH), Karen Czapla (OH) Maureen Shepard (OH), Richard Czapla (ET), Catherine Deporte (PV) William Denker (TE), Jeanne Masecar (TE), Patricia Stamper (TE), Barbara Carvache (TE), Victoria Stetson (TE) Laurie Petrin (TE), Maureen Fleming (TE), Lisa Rosano (SWHS), Rob McAndrew (SWHS)

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BCBS Settlement Information:

Post Cards

Many former and current Anthem members have received a notice of a Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement.

What is this Settlement about?

This settlement, arising from a class action antitrust lawsuit called Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Litigation MDL 2406, N.D. Ala. Master File No. 2:13-cv-20000-RDP (the “Settlement”), was reached on behalf of individuals and companies that purchased or received health insurance provided or administered by a Blue Cross Blue Shield company. Class Representatives (“Plaintiffs”) reached a Settlement on October 16, 2020, with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (“BCBSA”) and Settling Individual Blue Plans. BCBSA and Settling Individual Blue Plans are called “Settling Defendants.”

Plaintiffs allege that Settling Defendants violated antitrust laws by entering into an agreement not to compete with each other and to limit competition among themselves in selling health insurance and administrative services for health insurance. Settling Defendants deny all allegations of wrongdoing and assert that their conduct results in lower healthcare costs and greater access to care for their customers. The Court has not decided who is right or wrong. Instead, Plaintiffs and Settling Defendants have agreed to a Settlement to avoid the risk and cost of further litigation.

If approved by the Court, the Settlement will establish a $2.67 billion Settlement Fund. Settling Defendants will also agree to make changes in the way they do business that Plaintiffs believe will increase the opportunities for competition in the market for health insurance.

Communications from Anthem

By judge’s order, the settlement administrator is the responsible party. A defendant of a class action suit will not be the communicator.

Eligible groups

Many self-insured and fully insured employer sponsored plans and individually sold plans are eligible.

What if I no longer have Anthem?

This could apply to former and current Anthem members.

Filing a claim

Little information is required. A person wishing to file a claim must identify if insurance is through an employer, and individual policy, or both.

Should you file a claim?

Members must make this decision on their own and treat this as any other class action suit you may have received in the mail on other suits. I can’t tell members to file a claim or not. However, I do encourage members to look at the site and determine to learn more.

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From the President:

This is a must see video with the President of Manchester's teacher union.

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