The November 2019 Professional Development at South Windsor High School provided the following information:

  • Teachers have 12-hours to report ANY emergent or non-emergent concerns to be investigated by DCF.
  • The 12-hours begins when you first become aware of the concern/issue.
  • YOUR schedule, DCF Careline hold time, etc. are NO EXCUSE for not reporting in the 12-hour period. You are liable for reporting in 12-hours, period. No exceptions.
  • Call administration (building or Ellsworth) immediately to obtain coverage to make the report to DCF. The district will support you!
  • When in doubt as to whether to file online or call the Careline, see the Guidelines below AND South Windsor Public School's guidelines for emergent (Careline call) and non-emergent (on-line form) reporting.
  • Emergent: DCF CareLine: 800.842.2288
  • Non-emergent: DCF On-line Form (district guidelines), e-mail form to DCF.referral@ct.gov
DCF Mandated Reporter 1.pdf
DCF Mandated Reporter 2.pdf